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Time for a Technique Tune-up?

Even seasoned swimmers can benefit

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Even strong swimmers should be curious about their stroke technique.

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Lanemate Matt Hurley, collegiate national qualifier and talented triathlete, recently asked me to videotape his freestyle stroke. He has two iron man races, Peaks to Portland swim and the Casco Bay Swim-Run coming up, just to name a few of the events on his summer agenda. Matt's response to the video footage I took: "Amazing how even though I was aware of my issues, I didn't realize how extreme my flaws were."  Note:  this photo does not represent the stroke flaws that we uncovered.

If you think you are going to swim faster and more efficiently by pounding out yardage without addressing major technique flaws, you will surely be disappointed. You may even injure yourself. Video stroke analysis and coaching can help you:

1: See what you are doing well and what you can improve upon.

2: Learn how to address problem areas in your stroke.

3: Recognize when you are using correct technique and when you are not, especially when fatigued.

It is gratifying to empower a client with self-awareness and self-correction skills.

When we stop learning, we stop growing.  You are never "too good" to reassess where you are, where you want to be, and how you're going to get there.  And sometimes you need help.