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for More Effective, Efficient & Effortless Swimming

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8x25. Rest 10-30 secs between swims (or whatever you need). Swim as effortlessly as

possible (calm, gentle strokes). Count your strokes and breaths -- objective is to attain the lowest count for each. Here I take 10 strokes and zero breaths and I am not out of breath. (hint: if you know your count is 20, then plan a breath at 5, 10 & 15. Then try a breath at 6 & 12. Once you have mastered that, plan one breath at 10 if you can. NOTE: BREATH HOLDING CAN BE DANGEROUS IF DONE INCORRECTLY. Don’t push yourself to discomfort. If you only get down to 3-4 breaths that is fine.

Metacognition cues: Tall, Calm, Gentle


  1. Relaxation.  Many swimmers are much too tense.  Don’t fight the water, finesse it.
  2. Ease. You should have more than one ‘gear.’ Have an easy gear (use for active recovery or long distances if you are new to swimming and learning how to pace yourself).
  3. Body Control:  It’s a skill to swim slowly and maintain balance and body control.
  4. Balance:  Without a multitude of breaths you can experience more balanced rotation.

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